Specialising in all visa applications, complex situations such as appeals, unlawful status, deportations, ministerial intervention, declined visas and correcting errors made by INZ and other professionals.

However unlike most other advisers, Mike just loves to provide expert advice to support migrants to manage their own immigration journey and applications. 

To check your general eligibility and make sure you're on the right track this
low-cost service is perfect for you.
  • Results emailed to you in two business days.

  • Your answers assessed by licensed adviser Mike Bell.

  • A PDF evaluation overview created by Mike.

  • A PDF of with helpful hints, useful links and general immigration information.

If you go on to the comprehensive consultation then this $65 fee
will be deducted from from that service.

Many people have a QUICK QUESTION regarding an immigration matter, perhaps you have received a letter from INZ and you are not sure what you can do or how you should reply.

We often see huge confusion after migrants speak to the INZ call centre and receive conflicting information. We Can Help!

  • Your question answered by licensed adviser Mike Bell.

  • We offer a standard service where you will receive your answer in two business days and 24 hour priority service.

  • Your answer and a PDF with helpful hints, useful links and general

       immigration information will be emailed to you.

If you are serious about your NZ future then this high quality assessment and appointment will give you all the information you need to make the best immigration decisions specifically for you and your family.

  • Zoom appointment with a licensed & qualified adviser Mike Bell.

  • Comprehensive explanation of your best visa options and careful analysis of any potential problems or barriers.

  • Easy to understand explanation of how immigration law & policies may affect you and your family, including upcoming regulation changes. 

  • An idea of processing times, department costs and documents required etc.

  • Opportunity for you to ask your important questions.

  • A video recording of your consultation for you to refer back to.

The ultimate peace of mind: we handle the entire process, interact with the immigration department on your behalf and assist your employer and others involved with your application. This service starts with a consultation. Contact us to arrange an appointment with Mike.

  • Completing all immigration application forms and additional documentary evidence.

  • Assisting you with gathering information and documents to be included with applications;

  • Providing an individually tailored covering letter and creating a comprehensive itemised list of all information and documents provided with applications to INZ;

  •  24 hour access to our case management system. Electronic copies of your application is save to two secure locations. 

For everything  else we would need to start with a consultation, charged by time spent. Generally one to two hours is needed for the initial consultation with an Mike to understand your situation and what assistance he can offer.

Declined visas, Immigration New Zealand requests for more information on your application, tribunal appeals, deportations.

Please contact us with an overview of your situation including important information like Letter from Immigration New Zealand.

Tammy will be in touch to arrange a appointment with Mike.