Advice & Guidance Services: Ask the Expert: for quick questions, Initial Consultations: preliminary assessment & comprehensive analysis, D-I-Y Support: assisting you to managing your own NZ immigration applications.

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Advice & guidance services: Ask the Expert - for quick questions, Initial consultations - preliminary assessment
& comprehensive analysis, and D-I-Y support - assisting you to manage your own NZ immigration applications.

Support & Representation: Help with an urgent or unexpected situation, letters received from INZ, declined visa, or a change in circumstances.

NZ Immigration Advice Ltd may save you heaps of time, money and stress. TALK TO THE EXPERTS!!!

Visa Application Management:  For those who want the ultimate peace of mind, engaging Mike to handle your entire application process from start to finish.

Your immigration matter is as important to you as
our reputation is to us. We always go the extra mile
to achieve the desired outcome. New Zealand Immigration Advice Ltd (NZIA) guarantees a professional yet personal service which delivers excellent results.
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Our consultation clients rate NZIA an overall 9.1 out of 10 for expert advice, professional yet personal service, value for money and would recommend NZIA to others.
New Zealand prides itself on being an open-minded and welcoming country,
and at NZIA we are proud to support the LGBTQ+ community.
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Our Expertise

Specialising in all Visa Applications including:
Work, Skilled Migrant Residence, Family and Partnership, Student and Visitor.

Regularly  working with complex situations such as appeals, unlawful status (Section 61), requests for ministerial intervention, declined visas and correcting errors made by INZ and other professionals.

Fully licensed and qualified adviser Mike Bell can help you start a new life in New Zealand.

Mike and Tammy Bell have gained an international reputation for advocating and supporting New Zealand migrant communities since 2004